Page Title

<title>Title goes here | Site Name</title>

The page title is arguably one of the most important HTML tags for SEO. You should include the facility for it to be customised and the option for it to be set automatically by a template (this is common on very large websites).

The title is normally used as the main heading for the document’s snippet on search result pages and so is the first introduction that a user may have with the document. It should be descriptive and give the user a clear idea of what they will find when they click the link.

Templates should be able to be applied on a section or page template basis – it’s very likely that an SEO practitioner will need a different template for a product category page than they need for an FAQ page.

The exact displayable length of a page title varies depending on the engine. Google current limits it by pixel width, and Bing & Yahoo do it by character count. A good length is around 65 characters.