Where the current page is part of a larger set of pages (such as a multi-page article, or paginated product list), the HTML head should include pagination code to tell search crawlers about this set.

Canonicalise to ‘View All’

One relatively simple way to handle paginated sets of documents is to canonicalise every page in the series to the ‘View all’ page. This means that search engines will amalgamate all of the relevancy and authority signals to the ‘View all’ version of this set.

<link rel="canonical" href=""/>


Alternatively if you don’t want users landing on the ‘View all’ page, you should implement rel=prev/next tags. These should exist on every page in the series and tell search engines to amalgamate the relevancy and link signals to the group as a whole, rather than to individual pages.

Page 1:

<link rel="next" href=""/>

Page 2:

<link rel="prev" href=""/>
<link rel=“next” href=“”>

Page 3 (final):

<link rel="prev" href=""/>